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RENATE SIEGEL EEM-AP                                                                    Tappan NY, USA & Nürnberg, Deutschland
Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

About Renate Siegel

As an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEM-AP), I'm always fascinated by how gentle interventions lead to big changes. When you open a door by balancing the energy systems, the body finds its own unique, right way to do what it needs to do to change.

I've always loved working with people. I grew up in a beautiful, small medieval town in Germany, and I was interested from my teenage years in alternative health modalities. I got a degree in Social Work and spent three years becoming certified in Systemic Family Therapy before starting my own family. But my heart stayed with alternative health modalities.

While being a stay-at-home mom I spent another three years to become certified as a Health Practitioner allowing me to work with many different systems and disciplines. Both of my kids were raised without any use of antibiotics and whenever there was a health issue, I consulted my homeopath as well as my pediatrician, and they worked in harmony. Once my kids were school-aged I spent six years as a social worker in Family and Child Protection while being self-employed as a Health Practitioner, focusing on massage and Bach Remedies. In 2010, I remarried and moved to the U.S. to continue my healing education.

Eden Energy Medicine is a perfect mixture of all I always wanted: a complete approach to healing including the body, the emotions and the mind. It can stand alone, and it's also a perfect complement to Western medicine or other alternative modalities.
Welcome to my practice!

Certifications and Trainings (U.S.):

Donna Eden Energy Medicine

Biofield Tuning

Certifications and Trainings (Germany):

Masters in Social Work

Health Practitioner

Bach Flower Remedies

Akupunkt Massage (nach Penzel)

Systemic Family Therapy (700 hours)

Non-Violence Communication Training (Marshall Rosenberg)

Intercultural Mediation (200 hours)

N.A.E.T. (Nampudripad Allergy Elimination Technique)



phone  845 664 0951    email