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RENATE SIEGEL EEM-AP                                                                    Tappan NY, USA & Nürnberg, Deutschland
Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Biofield Tuning - Vibrational Sound Therapy

What is it?

This healing sound balancing practice, developed by Eileen McKusick, uses tuning forks to help clients support, restore and recharge the body's electromagnetic system, or "biofield." The biofield is the energy that permeates and surrounds our bodies and vibrates at different frequencies. It is sometimes referred to as the energy field or the aura. All physical, mental and emotional disorders, including painful memories and trauma, can disrupt our body's cohesive energy frequencies resulting in "dissonance" in our energy fields. The goal of Biofield Tuning is to resolve this dissonance in our body's energy field by helping to "re-tune" the patient's vibrational energy.

How It Works

The goal of Biofield Tuning is to "re-tune" the patient's vibrational energy for health and healing. The sound of the Tuning Forks is the both the diagnosis and the therapy at the same time. When you bring the sound, the frequency introduces coherence to places of distortion in the biofield. This sound brings fluidity and flow to the blocked or stuck area, creating harmony within the whole being. Biofield Tuning can be done at a physical distance as well as in person.

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phone  845 664 0951    email