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Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

About Eden Energy Medicine
"You are a latticework of energies. The enormous implications of this single fact are the basis of energy medicine."

Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, p. 1

Eden Energy Medicine is a healing approach of working directly with the body's energy systems to help create health and wellness.

It is both a complement to traditional medical modalities and a complete self-contained system for self-help and self-care.

Energy Medicine works with the subtle energy systems that are within the body and within the energy field. Balancing your energies has a profound and powerful impact on your well-being and health, your emotions and your abilities to think clearly, even under stress.

Energies are often stuck in a rut or a habit. But: the body has its own wisdom, and in a safe situation, it will show the open door so that energies can shift and flow in a desirable pattern.
When your energies are healthy, you are healthy and happy.

For the same issue there maybe different approaches on the energetic level, because there may be a different cause in your energies. Part of our body reacts still like 1,000 years ago of flight, fight or freeze, and it needs to adapt to today's environment. We need to educate our energies so that they keep our body and emotions resilient to the challenges of today's life.

I believe what causes health issues in our world today is that we have so much internal stress! It is not the tiger anymore, that triggers our flight or fight reaction, but the many little and big shocks, challenges and internal feelings or dialogues. Too much stress or minor or bigger shocks flips the polarity of the cells or breaks the body's circuitry. If you can help the body to realign to the healthy patterns as quickly as possible, your immune system will do its job!