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RENATE SIEGEL EEM-AP                                                                    Tappan NY, USA & Nürnberg, Deutschland Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Services Provided

Where do we begin?

In our first meeting, we define your goal. I want to know about the history of your condition - what what you have done so far, what worked, what did not work. If you just want to experience energy medicine, that 's totally fine too. It is such a relaxing experience. In every follow up session I will ask you for the goal for today.

What happens during the session?

In each session I will energy test you to determine what needs to be addressed. I work on you while you are lying on a massage table, fully dressed, sometimes lightly touching your body, holding acupressure points. Sometimes my hands work just in the energy field around your body.

When using the Eden Method, the most important tools are my hands. Sometimes I use a crystal for special situations, or a selenite, a semi-precious stone. Sometimes I incorporate essential oils in a treatment to enhance the process. In Biofield Tuning, I use tuning forks in your energy field as well as on your body.

How many sessions do I need to see change?

Each session brings change; some things need to be addressed only once and others need more time. Our energies need to be "educated." An important role is homework. In each session I show you simple, little things you can do for yourself to help stabilize the change. Each session brings a deep relaxation.

What does a session cost?


Energy assessment and balancing - 1 session 75 min: $125

As an advanced practitioner, I am also trained and certified in techniques including Grid and Regression work.
We will determine pricing on an individual basis.


Young Living Rainbow Technique 1 session 75 min: $125

The Raindrop Technique, developed by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils, uses 9 essential oils which are applied to the body in a systematic way. Eden Energy Medicine prepares the body for optimal use of these oils. This is a powerful combination for cleansing the body and strengthening the immune system.


Biofield Tuning Session - 1 session 75 min: $125
Sonic Meridian Flush - 1 session 90 min: $150


These remote 60-minute sessions teach you how to align your basic energy systems and then add specific techniques based on your individual needs.

1 session: $100

phone  845 664 0951    email