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RENATE SIEGEL EEM-AP                                                                    Tappan NY, USA & Nürnberg, Deutschland Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner


Renate Siegel helped me heal a rotator cuff tear without the need for surgery. I highly recommend Renate for any sports related injuries. She uses several tools from her background in homeopathy, massage and acupressure to enhance her Energy Medicine treatments. A highly refined and gifted practitioner, Renate combines intellect and intuition, science and spirit, power and gentleness. Through her gifts, the body finds its own sense of balance and immense healing potential.
E.L. - New York

When Renate worked on me it was clear that she was working on many levels, as the results affected my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. My heart, in particular, relaxed and took in the deep energetic work because she is so capable and commited to a high standard of healing. In other words, Renate has integrity as a person and therefore as a healer, and I really felt that quality as she worked on me. The detailed insights as to what was going on with my body and emotions really helped me to take the next steps in healing. I think a deeper level of healing takes place when you can trust the practitioner so completely and that is definitely the case with Renate. I felt the healing benefits of our Energy Medicine sessions days following the treatments and noticed both physical and emotional upliftment as a result. Plus, the results have lasted months after the treatments. I love Renata's focus as she works and her commitment to do the very best to help a person heal.
L.K. - Minnesota

Dear Renate,
I want to thank you for all you have done for my wife, the time and dedication, to do the Energy Healing on her. After 2 weeks in ICU, and high uncertainty for recovery, you came to help and I'm glad to report that when she was getting out of the ICU, the whole staff call her miracle Lady! We will forever be grateful for your help.
Sincere Gratitude,
Koffi - New York

Renate Siegel has a special gift. I could actually feel the heat and energy during the treatment, which I have not felt with other bodywork. She really focuses her energy completely on the person and the healing task. She takes bodywork to a whole new level.
Laura Reave - Ontario, Canada

Dear Renate,
Thank you so much for the wonderful time of healing with you in your cozy studio in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

I appreciate every minute I had there. I felt so secure and snug. Your healing sessions are so sensitive, empathic, deep and wholistic. It is so good to have stayed for a few days having at least one session per day. With that schedule I was able to release many blockages and so much began to circulate within me again.

This longer stay was perfect for me to get in touch so deeply with the healing energy. I arrived with a bad cold, but 2 days later it was gone. After 4 days, old painful wounds began to heal and many other energetic and bodily blockages were dissolved. Then, full of life and filled with a new energy, I was ready to start my great US adventure.

I thank you so much for all of that, I wish you lot of success with your energy work and will return for sure.
Gabriele, Germany

Liebe Renate,
herzlichen Dank für die wunderbare heilsame Zeit bei Dir in Deinem gemütlichen Appartement in der Nähe des schönen Hudson Valley.

Ich habe jede Minute genossen und mich sehr geborgen gefühlt.
Deine Behandlungen sind sehr einfühlsam, tiefgreifend und allumfassend. Ich finde es sehr gut, dass ich mehrere Tage da sein konnte und mehrere Behandlungen hintereinander bekommen habe. So konnte sich sehr viele Blockaden lösen und sich viel bewegen. Und ich konnte mich tief auf die Heilenergie einlassen. Ich kam mit einer starken Erkältung zu Dir, die nach zwei Tagen abgeklungen war. Danach konnte ich eine sehr alte, schmerzhafte Wunden mit Deiner Hilfe heilen und energetische und auch körperliche Blockaden waren nach den 4 Tagen aufgelöst. Ich bin sehr beschwingt und voller Tatendrang zu meinem wunderbaren USA Abenteuer aufgebrochen.

Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen dafür und wünsche Dir weiterhin ganz viel Erfolg mit Deiner Energiearbeit. Ich komme auf alle Fälle wieder.
Gabriele, Germany

phone  845 664 0951    email